Alina Abegg

A Cosmic Escape

A shop for handmade high-end jewellery

The Challenge

When Alina approached us for the design of her website we were faced with an interesting challenge: how to achieve a website that would perform well in terms of conversion and e-commerce, while keeping a strong brand attitude to convey Alina's jewelry boldness and structuralism.

The Solution

We started by creating a state-of-the-art ecommerce experience, having in mind that the target users are not always digital natives. Then, we tried to find out the areas where we could try to play more with the boldness and funkyness without sacrificing too much of the user experience. In the end, we achieved a website that allows a flawless ecommerce experience, while still having a strong bold attitude.

The Campaign

We worked tightly with Illustrator Philip Hodas to create out-of-space and custom made illustrations to be used on the website that fit the mood, and artistic vision.

The Responsive Website

The overall look and feel of the website is clean and simple, letting the products and the mood talk for themselves. We managed to express alina's minimalism and keen eye for modernity, while keeping in mind the end user's needs.

Working on Alina’s website was one of our favorite projects. We loved the freedom we had when creating the campaign images and a user experience that makes even the digital novice feel at ease. We are excited for our next phase of design and development of Alina’s shop, release by E.O. Summer 2017.