The Talks

Creative Voices

Creativity should be shared. An interview focused online magazine that features the leading creative minds of today.

What we did

The Challenge

We joined forces with The Talks from the beginning on. We wanted to build something engaging and brilliant that met the needs of The Talks team and their users. Over the last 5 years, we have supported them in their vision to share the creative voices of today with the world while facing design challenges and overcoming growth issues.

The Solution

A sensational and engaging interview-focused online magazine that we built while working closely with The Talks team.  After 5 years of partnership, we not only are proud of the work we have done but are also supporters and users of the site and creative voices being showcased.

By reducing it to the core, using only black and white shades and pairing it with classic typography with a modern bold twist, the branding creates a perfect environment for the outstanding content. Putting the stories and images into focus and creating a timeless appearance.

We took the approach from the branding and translated it to the Website. Making is easy for the user to dive into stories, explore and discover more content no matter on what device. Resulting into a monthly traffic of over 400.000 visitors – most of them are coming back.

To make the experiences even more seamless and easier to use we created native apps for both platforms, iOS and Android allowing users to access the entire collection of interviews, portraits, and audio samples even offline. Using a very unique style and visual appearance the app was features twice for best new app on the Apple App Store.

The Talks is one of our most loved projects. Being their from the beginning with just an idea, over supporting The Talks for the last 5 years helping to shape their vision and then resulting in an exclusive partnership with Rolex, over 400.000 visitors each month and more than 800.000 social fans – and still growing.