Alina Abegg

A Cosmic Escape

A cosmic shopping experience for high-end jewellery

The Challenge

When Alina approached us for the design of her online shop, we were faced with a great challenge: how to create a website that would perform well in terms of conversion and sales, while keeping a strong brand identity to convey the boldness and structuralism of Alina's unique jewellery.

The Solution

Keeping in mind that the target audience might not be digital natives, we focused on an easy to navigate site structure that will be clearly understood and appealing to a diverse set of visitors. Without sacrificing the usability of the site, we created an overall bold and funky visual design that was inline with Alina’s overall brand direction. Looking back, we built a online shop that allows a flawless shopping experience, while still having a strong, bold attitude.

02 Brand@2X

At the beginning of the project, we created a sophisticated brand identity that resonates with Alina’s style. The sharp edges and elegant curves in the logo communicate the craftsmanship and structuralism of her jewels. Meanwhile, the typography and colour palette merge modern-day elegance with urban boldness that perfectly appeal to Alina’s customer and bring a high-end, feminine touch to the whole brand.

The Campaign

03 Campaign@2X
04 Campaign@2X

The Responsive Website

The overall look and feel of the website is clean and simple, letting the products and the mood talk for themselves. We managed to express Alina's minimalism and keen eye for modernity, while keeping in mind the end user's needs.

05 Plp@2X

06 Pdp@2X

07 Mobile@2X

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This was one of our favourite projects in 2017. We loved the freedom and trust the client gave us, from concept to final product.