All Football Everything

From performance to lifestyle - inspired by the biggest 
stages in the world.

What we did

The Challenge

Nike approached us to create an interactive landing page to promote the launch of the new Champions League away kits of their football teams. We were asked to come up with a digital design concept that would speak to millennials for whom football is everything.

The Solution

After four weeks of close collaboration with the marketing teams of both Nike and 11Teamsports, one Germany’s biggest football retailers, we developed and designed an immersive shopping experience  in form of an edgy lookbook that featured famous German footballers, up-and-coming rappers and local influencers.

The campaign inspired thousands of football lovers to create their own style and successfully drove sales for 11Teamsports.

02 Concept@2X

We explored a range of concepts to communicate the “All football everything” phenomena. After detailed research and ideation, our discoveries were based on the three main topics - time, space and lifestyle - that helped to define potential design directions. The latter seemed the most appropriate since it revolves around football as an everyday topic, in the context of sport, streets and music, that all communicate the transition from performance to lifestyle.

03 Concept@2X

04 Concept@2X

With the lifestyle concept in mind, we then aimed to build a coherent story out of a mix of images, videos and text in one organic flow. We opted for a sophisticated yet raw editorial approach which enabled us to combine and juxtapose the images of the famous football players, stadiums, rappers, local influencer with selected quotes.

06 Audience@2X

The target audience is represented by a 14-19 years old digital native who is easily distracted, only consumes on demand and has everything he needs in his pocket - a smartphone. And these qualities were namely what conditioned the lookbook to be mobile-first experience.

07 Mobile@2X

After gaining valuable insights into the target users, we focused on delivering a consumer-friendly and usability-driven UX/UI in a form of a shoppable lookbook that can be browsed on any mobile device at any time.

08 Desktop@2X

Another challenge was to translate the mobile designs to the desktop version without sacrificing the established UX/UI or unique layouts. By introducing additional design features and animations, we were able to implement an immersive browsing experience across all devices.

09 Visual@2X

Following the 11Teamsport branding on the typography side, the design was enhanced with a vibrant rose colour and floating rectangles to convey a young and authentic look. Meanwhile, the original Nike campaign images were given bold photo treatments, colour overlays, image overlapping and glitch effects which we believed translated the roughness of the Berlin streets into our designs.

The Seamless Shopping Experience

10 Shop@2X

We created a seamless online shopping experience enabling the user to shop from hundreds of items without leaving the campaign landing page. Simple and clutter-free product modals and an easy to use navigation kept the distraction to a minimum. Moreover, by focusing on jerseys and mixing them with Nike Sportswear (NSW) and Training gear we wanted to inspire the users to create their own style and supercharge NSW with the power of Football.

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What we did