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What we did

The Challenge

Creme’s founder, Constanze, approached us in January with a simple request: show her how we could improve her city guide magazine, Creme Guides. After a quick analysis, we presented her a series of suggested changes. What began as a consulting job soon after morphed into a full redesign of the website. The hard part? We only had 20 days to deliver on the redesign. So we rolled up our sleeves and went to work.

The Solution

Fast forward 20 days and Constanze had a completely new website that saw a 15–20% increase in all defined KPIs within one month of launching. The new design is loved by her readers and, most importantly, left Constanze proud and happy with the final result.

02 Brand

Establishing a stronger typographical identity for the website was the first challenge we tackled. The website had been using a combination of Arial and Trebuchet and needed an update that conveyed maturity. We selected Montserrat and Cormorant Garamond, a combination that successfully conveys the friendly, yet serious vibe of the Creme Guides. To complement the typography, we evolved the primarily grey colour scheme into a delightful combination of Cream and Orange.

The Illustration Style

03 Illus A
03 Illus B

A fully responsive Editorial Experience

04 Home

The biggest challenge in the project was very technical: all image material on Creme is square. We had to determine out a way to work with this constraint, without sacrificing our impeccable design standard. In order to balance out the severity of the image format, we designed the website with minimalism and whitespace in mind. The addition of Julia’s illustrations helped break the rigidity of grid, adding moments of quirky delight.

05 Mobile

The result is a clean, functional mobile experience. This allows the user to easily browse hundreds of hidden gems and make discoveries within a range of European cities — the core purpose of the Creme guides. Despite having been designed with the mobile user in mind, the same feeling of discovery and wonder is kept intact on the desktop website.

07 Map

One of the most interesting challenges we faced was complementing the website with a map functionality that allows the user to find nearby interesting places using GPS. We partnered up with Creme’s developer, Dennis, and accomplished an easy-to-use experience that allows the users to discover places based on their location.

The Outcome

Featured Design

The redesign was featured on Sitesee, Typewolf and Land-Book.

Improved Conversion

Pages per session increased by 10%, bounce rate decreased by 18% and average time spent on the page increased by 16%.

Newsletter Improvement

The number of daily newsletter subscriptions increased by 30%.

Project Credits

What we did