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What we did

The Challenge

Openers contacted studios with the aim to redesign their website and update their visual identity, in order to align their branding with their new positioning. Additionally, the client wanted to establish a cohesive communication for their services and projects.

The Solution

We designed a functional and modern responsive website which would enable Openers to target potential corporate clients more easily with their new branding and therefore take their business to the next level.

02 Brand@2X

Creating the Openers identity anew was the first challenge we tackled since the old typeface lacked maturity while the colour scheme gave a dated feel to the brand. We modernised the visual language by introducing HK Grotesk that both conveys a professional look and is suitable for small texts. To complement the typography choice we assigned blue, black and white as the brand colours in a mix of the corporate and the modern. Furthermore, we assisted Openers in defining an iconography style which was influenced by a hexagon shape found in their logo and reinforced the updated identity across various channels by designing a set of social media assets and collateral material.

The Responsive Website

04 Mobile@2X

The overall look and feel of the website brings maturity and appeals to corporate clients without losing the Berlin touch. Based on a clean and minimalistic approach, the visual design utilises a simple UX, straightforward navigation and a lot of white space. The architecture of information is built on a grid-based layout with distinct sections and font treatments that provide a clear structure for the whole content and brand story. With these aspects in mind, we designed a responsive website that resonates with the core values of Openers and conveys the founders’ vision.

05 Services@2X

06 Projects@2X

With such a broad expertise resulting in a variety of different projects, we aimed to make sure that each of them stands out in a more personalised way. Therefore, we customised each project page by featuring a client company logo, brand colour and a short headline which states the type of collaboration between Openers and their clients. Not only do tailored pages bring an innovative approach to the UI design, but they also encourage the corporate clients to feel valued and recognised.

07 Projects@2X

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What we did