Casa Home & Living

The Future of Furniture

A mobile marketplace for furniture shopping.

What we did

The Challenge

Casa approached us with the idea to create an online shopping destination for home and living where people can easily discover amazing products and buy them directly from their favorite retailers and brands in one app. The founders were looking for an agile design team to help them bring their vision to life.

We were asked to develop a brand that communicated the company’s love and drive for interior design, and a mobile app for their platform.

So we did.

The Solution

A user-centric design for iOS & Android native app that made it simple for Casa users to buy furniture directly from all the stores they loved on a single platform.

02 Brand@2X Jpg

Having to start from scratch, we iterated quickly on a series of possible names, but in the end one stood out from the others: Casa. Being the Italian word for “home”, it felt just right as it conveyed the values of family and love for good furniture that are typical in Italian culture. Upon different iterations we decided to stick to a minimal typographical logo that using negative space to create the shape of a house.

04 App@2X Jpg

One of the biggest challenges in the process of designing the app was to understand if an inspiration driven approach created a better user experience than a transaction focused experience (or vice versa). After we formulated the main customer journeys we tested the core product hypothesis with rapid prototyping and user testing. In the end we built a user interface that delighted users, brands and our client.

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06 App@2X Jpg
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After only 3 months, we brought concept to reality. We went from a blank canvas to live native applications that addressed all the clients needs, created a simple and enjoyable customer experience, and built Germany’s first mobile shopping destination for interior design lovers.