One Good Guide, One Great You

A fitness guide for the millennial woman

The Challenge

goodshapes approached us with a compelling fitness idea: to create a fun and holistic fitness programme that inspires a new generation of modern women to become the best version of themselves. We were asked to develop a unique branding, e-book and launch campaign that would thrive in a very competitive market.

The Solution

A fitness guide and marketing strategy with a positive and playful art direction, branding the target user can connect to, dedicated marketing landing pages, a conversion-focused website and an e-book that aims to inspire.

Gs02 Brand@2X

After gaining a deep understanding of the online fitness market, we defined with the client the brand values, voice and overall vision. The name “goodshapes” was the result of a workshop session we held with key stakeholders of the company at our studio. The name plays with the key vision that all body shapes are good while colourfully and vividly conveying the values of happiness and joy that the company holds so dear. Furthermore we delivered from the initial idea to the final campaign everything that was used for their launch

The Guide

03 Guide@2X Jpg

One of the key objectives was to design a guide that keeps users excited about working out and helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle. The easy-to-follow layout was supported by vibrant colours, modern typography, positive imagery and playful design elements that all communicate the essence of the brand: get fit and have fun! Highlighting the most important information also gave the guide a more dynamic look without making it "dry" to read. With this approach, we hope to inspire a generation of young women to change their lives in an exciting and fun way.

The Campaign

04 Campaign@2X Jpg
05 Campaign@2X Jpg

The Website

After a few months, we were able to launch one of the best fitness products around. goodshapes is loved by its users for its holistic approach, the engaged community and the playful branding, which have together inspired women across the globe to become a happier and better version of themselves.

08 Website Parallax@2X Jpg