The Future of Data Science

A unique brand solving the world's most complex problems.

What we did

The Challenge

Covee, a Blockchain-based network for data science collaboration, approached studios since they needed a reliable partner to guide them through the first steps of creating a unique brand. And this became our biggest challenge - how to create a brand that appeals to the talented domain experts and aligns all the stakeholders of the company.

The Solution

Within a short period of time we were able to deliver a full package through an authentic visual language. We created a young, innovative and modern brand that resonates with Covee’s vision and serves as a platform communicating the future of data science teamwork: decentralized, borderless, trustworthy. And we believe it is namely what will enable smart people to solve the world's most complex problems. Together.

02 Brand@2X

Disrupting academic research, hedge funds and data-driven consulting, Covee brings a rebellious tone of voice with innovation, collaboration and trust at its core. Thus, we aimed to translate these values into a visual mix of tech and future to create a bold brand aesthetic where monospace typography and futuristic colours merge.

03 Iconography@2X

04 Brand Application@2X

Moreover, we delivered detailed brand guidelines along with the new collateral material to inject professionalism into the brand and build its credibility to the users. Even though Covee tackles complex challenges, the structure of its brand material tends to be rather simple and straightforward, with a clear focus on design precision and organised layouts that are enhanced by horizontal dividers for a more refined look.

The Responsive Landing Page

06 Mobile@2X

We also created a landing page to help Covee gain more exposure online. While staying true to the brand language, we introduced a structured content hierarchy, clutter-free UI and simple navigation for the best results. Targeting the domain experts, blockchain community and investors, this page design aims to draw a visual connection between data science, digitalisation and future of technology.

07 Desktop@2X

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What we did