Mint & Berry

The World Needs More Romance

An immersive campaign for a positive change

What we did

The Challenge

When Mint & Berry contacted us to develop their online campaign, we were faced the following challenge: how to create an immersive single page experience, which both translates the client’s vision and gave a more tangible presence to the most important human emotions, love.

The Solution

The fully-responsive campaign was delivered within a very short period of time. Supporting their original design concept and understanding the target audience, we developed a high performance landing page that is determined to spread love and show beauty in simple things. An epitome of a daydream - vibrant and positive - where romance meets fashion.

02 Brand Romance@2X

03 Responsive@2X

Originally, the campaign was required to be mobile-first with the intention to bring the users from Mint & Berry´s social media channels to the landing page as easily and smoothly as possible. Yet we aimed to create a fully-responsive experience that can be browsed across any device or on any browser, without sacrificing the usability and design of the page.

In order to tell a continuous story of romance, we had to implement a seamless scrolling and a set of animations. Beginning with the manifesto and campaign images, the page then switches to the authentic social media content, merch articles and the calendar feature, that are all complemented with a delicate change of the background colour. On the client's side, we provided Mint & Berry with a server setup that enabled us to easily accommodate their expected high traffic volume. We also created an easy-to-use backend which allowed the client to act quickly when required.

04 Responsive@2X

05 Social Media@2X

At this stage of our journey with Mint & Berry, we focused on bringing all social media channels together on their landing page in order to enable the users to always stay up-to-date. With this easy feature, the user is able to quickly jump onto the Mint & Berry Twitter and Instagram channels, in such a way driving more traffic and increasing the brand experience.

The Calendar Feature

07 Calendar@2X

Since the response from a social media integration was very high, we also implemented an online raffle called the “Fourteen Days of Romance”. This calendar featured daily surprises, mostly comprising of Mint & Berry merch, that the users could win after a quick sign-up.

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What we did