Tomorrow Belongs 
To The Daring

A website celebrating European startup success stories.

What we did

The Challenge

Earlybird approached hy.am studios to redesign their website based on their new brand strategy and positioning in the VC industry. While the majority of the VC companies have already recognised design as a competitive advantage, our biggest challenge was to give a stronger online presence to one of the most successful venture capital firms in Europe while staying true to their established branding.

The Solution

After an extensive UX/UI research, competitor analysis and close collaboration with the Earlybird team, we were able to deliver a state-of-the-art website that celebrates the experience, achievements and people of the firm. Our mission was to give our client an identifiable visual personality and dependable sense of character in this fast moving and competitive market.

The Responsive Website

The fully-responsive website aims to be an informative and resourceful brand platform that establishes Earlybird as a forward-thinking firm, helping the brightest digital pioneers succeed. Thus, we focused on a strong UX, well thought-through content placement and easy-to-follow information hierarchy. We also built a new backend system, which allows the client to manage, maintain and update the content on a regular basis using simple tools.

02 Website@2X

With the stand-out red dominating the colour palette, the idea of risk taking and optimism is being conveyed across all pages to resonate with the core values of Earlybird. Meanwhile, the geometric Museo Sans paired with an elegant serif font contributes to creating a mature and modern look with a classic twist. Besides the interactive avatar on the home page, we introduced smooth animations with a focus on the selected founders to give a personal touch. Because, in the end, as much as the VC business is about figures, it is also about the people who create great companies.

04 Profiles@2X

With a focus on digital and health tech in Eastern and Western Europe, Earlybird has partnered with the multitude of companies whose individual profiles were created using tailored colours, company descriptions and social links. A similar profile model was applied to the Earlybirds that help those companies excel. Since the firm is built up of a wide array of people, we wanted to showcase this diversity and expertise through personal interviews and professional details.

05 Features@2X

01. We implemented an elaborate contact form tailored to the target users. Each user has their own input fields and is connected directly to one of the funds on the Earlybird CRM, making it easier for the firm to manage the enquiries.02. We have also integrated a Medium platform onto the Earlybird’s Insights page to showcase the topics revolving around the firm. This integration serves as a content marketing tool and demonstrates Earlybird’s engagement in the investment community.03. We wanted to make findability a priority with a maximum capacity in information retrieval. Thus, our smart filters are a useful tool that helps users easily find what they are looking for by analysing the filter dimensions and showing only relevant filtering options.