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The biggest online furniture retailer in Europe.

What we did

The Challenge

Home24 approached the founders of hy.am studios, Oliver Bronner and Mischa Bitten, to develop a mobile-first shopping concept for their online shop in alignment with their product, marketing and tech team. The objective was to release within 12 months a complete new redesign of their shop including two native apps for iOS and Android.

The Solution

A shopping experience that delighted Home24’s founders and their customers alike through its findability, discovery and engagement, across all platforms.

Home24 Brand Asset@2X

Once the concept was signed off by the client, we focused on modernising the visual language of the brand. One of the drawbacks of the old visual design was the prevailing usage of the Arial font, which lacked character and gave a dated feel to the brand. We contemporised the platform by selecting Proxima Nova as the new main brand font. Proxima Nova is a hybrid font that combines modern proportions with a geometric appearance that worked perfectly with the overall new brand direction of Home24.

Home24 Home Navigation Asset@2X

One of the key objectives of the redesign was implementing a navigational solution that allowed for the user to navigate over 90% of the 150,000 products within one simple click. In conjunction with this, marketing asked us to generate an emotional story revolving around their products on the home page. We accomplished this through interactive banners that enabled customers to shop products straight from the mood picture on the home page.

Home24 Catalog Asset@2X

One of the biggest challenges was standardising and reducing the amount of filter options across all product categories. With multiple A/B tests, we decided ultimately on a minimalistic horizontal filter navigation combined with horizontal category navigation, which enabled users to filter the products on a higher category level or dig dipper into the category tree.

Home24 Pdp Asset@2X

Product is king. With this mantra in front of our screen, we designed a flexible solution that enabled Home24 to sell a simple chair as easily as a highly configurable wardrobe. With this modular solution we were able to successfully accommodate all the requests from performance marketing, onsite marketing and category management.

We increased the conversion rate on desktop over 15% after the final release of the website. Furthermore our app was awarded by Apple with the “Top 25 Apps in 2015" for Germany.