Your Perfect Pillow

Transform your decor dreams into a reality with a limitless options for customising your upholstery.

The Challenge

When Stephan approached us, he had a vision of building the next great portal for customising upholstery -- in whichever shape, size or colour you could dream up. He already had a general idea of how he wanted develop the business, as well as a options for names and that’s where we came into play.

The Solution

We helped Stephan by directing the overall branding for the shop. First step: deciding upon a name. We came up with Cucuun. From this name, we built the entire brand identity. The result is a friendly hybrid of e-commerce and a shopping experience built upon customisation. Users love the final product because they can easily take an idea and turn it into a fully-fledged reality: be it a new set of pillows, or a posh pouf for your living room.

02 Brand

Since this was the start of a new company, we had to design the brand identity from scratch. The target audience is primarily female, so we developed a friendly look that could attract the primary customers while remaining gender-neutral so as to keep male customers from turning away. We found a good compromise using an affable sans serif paired with a dark magenta palette. We complemented this with a set of custom made icons that convey a trustworthy attitude.

03 Icons

In order to increase the understandability and user experience of the configurator, we designed a complete custom iconset that covers all the necessity of the interface. Ranging from Cushion types, materials and tools, to a series of very specific detailed states of the textile production methods, the iconset totals at 40 different images, plus three extra pictograms that we designed for the USPs.

The Image Concept

04 B Images
04 A Images

The Homepage

05 Homepage

It was our intention to design the website in a way that users could seamlessly find their way through the funnel, enabling them to find their desired product and start customising within a few short clicks. The homepage reflects this attitude, guiding the user down the category tree from the start. A storytelling element follows throughout, explaining more about the process and the ease of using Cucuun’s technologies.

06 Configurator

The ease of use is evident in the customisation experience. The highly adaptable navigation bar, combined with a user-friendly editor on the side is highly intuitive, leaving no margin of error for the user. Users have been happily and successfully creating their own upholstery since the site has launched.