Zue Anna

Zue Anna

A brand combining luxury and sustainability with a big portion of heart

The Challenge

Zue Anna approached us with a clear idea of what they wish to communicate to their customers as a business. Our biggest challenge was to turn this vision into a cohesive brand, which resonates with the target audience and connects them with the Zue Anna product.

The Solution

After some initial research and with the insights gained, we were able to create a fully-dimensional brand experience. In order to start building a brand image, we needed to first define the brand itself, including its values and objectives, and then enhance it through the most appropriate visual language. The entire process of creating this brand was as wonderful as the story behind Zue Anna, and we were excited to tell it to the world.

02 Brand@2X

Our mission was to create an authentic brand on which the website and social presence could flourish. Merging sustainability with a high-end aspect, we introduced natural colour tones, modern typographic treatments and playful iconography, that all resonate with Zue Anna’s vision. This visual language was later complemented with beautiful and honest photography that gives a more personal touch to the whole brand.

03 Iconset@2X

The Responsive Webshop

The overall look and feel of the website stays very true to the brand, focusing on clean layouts and simple navigations. We aimed to show the seamless connection between the nature and quality, and to highlight transparency as their key value through a strong storytelling element.

04 Responsive Pages@2X

06 Mobile Sheep@2X

Apart from having created an online shop, we also introduced a “Date your Sheep” page, which features all the male and female sheep from whose wool the special sweaters are made. Not only does such approach create more transparency and authenticity, but it also helps the brand stand out in the competitive market.

Social Media Assets

07 Social Assets@2X
08 Social Assets@2X

The concept of Zue Anna was near and dear to our hearts, which made us enjoy every aspect of the project. We strongly feel that our friendship with the client and the way we worked together made this great project happen in the first place, while the exchange of expertise and the amount of commitment contributed to a mutual success. We are definitely looking forward to more partnerships like this in the future.