Do more, buy less

Transforming Grover’s vision for circular economy into a fully-fledged, immersive e-commerce experience

What we did

The Challenge

We were approached this January by the Grover team, as they were searching for a design partner with past experience in e-commerce.  Fresh off a successful seed round, Grover was ready to step up their game and improve their online presence with a 360-degree shop, strongly focused on the user experience.

The Solution

With only a few weeks of tight collaboration, we were able to deliver to the Grover team a truly innovative shopping experience. The website is vibrant, bold and clearly pointing towards the future—just like the company itself. It’s a website which is not afraid of taking risks.

02 Gr Brand

The moment we started working together, the Grover team was in the process of finalising their brand. Since we joined midway through the process, we had to iterate very quickly on the first designs. Besides designing the first UIs, we were also tasked with creating the Grover identity anew. We not only introduced the Flama, but also assisted them in defining an iconography style, iterating on the use of colour.

03 Gr Homepage 2

The homepage we designed is like a big, interactive canvas. Based on a very tight tile structure, every part of the homepage is editable and interchangeable. The mix of big typography and boxy layout creates a visual tension that leads the user down the page. The Grover Team expressed that no homepage should be the same—and we delivered on this. Built upon a sophisticated editorial algorithm, the tiles and texts adapt based on the user who is visiting the page.

An Immersive Product Detail Page

Grover is all about experiences; it’s about living with your product rather than owning it. This translated to a very unusual Product Detail Page. Each product tells its own story, melding immersive description with a collection of other people’s inspiring experiences using the same technology. Nonetheless, most of the best practices of e-commerce were also included on the page, striking a strong balance between e-commerce and storytelling.

04 Gr Pdp

05 Gr Plp

We duplicated the same concept we put forth on the homepage for the category and catalogue pages. This means a modular grid system that gives the Grover team total freedom in displaying what they wish to display. Whether it be a product card, a big banner, or a small teaser, all elements sit comfortably on the responsive grid which can scale down easily as users interact, for instance, with the filters.


All in all we are very happy to have been working with the Grover team. Their daring, innovative attitude allowed us to try out new styles, take bold risks and deliver an unconventional product that we really are proud of. Most importantly, this project helped us out in growing as designers and innovators, forcing us to avoid conventions and stepping out into unexplored patterns.