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What we did

The Challenge

Lufthansa approached us for a redesign of their AirlinesCheckin, a website focused purely on the check-in process, no matter which airline. We were asked to create a user-centric responsive web design that set up a clear, and understandable onboarding and check-in process.

The Solution

Knowing that business related frequent fliers want a process that will make flying easier, more manageable, and quicker we approached the design with a “no frills” attitude and produced a clean and clear interface design, while our main focus was on on the user experience.

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The Website

03 Website@2X

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The purpose of the website was to design an effortless way for a user to get fast access to the desired information without unnecessary or distracting interactions.The big idea was to create a user flow that was clear, concise and only had to happen one time. Once the account is set up, fill in the flight number and the rest is handled by AirlineCheckins.

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