Capital Sports

Enhancing Crossfit

The ultimate online shopping destination for crossfit athletes looking for premium products.

What we did

The Challenge

When Chaltec approached us seeking help to create an online shop for their new crossfit products, we had nothing more than a logo. It was clear that Capital Sports needed something that could set them apart from the cluttered sports brand space in the digital world and underlined their brand identity.

The Solution

A bold, simple yet stylish visual design that narrates the brand’s story of endurance and power to the customer. We gave life to the name “Capital Sports” by creating an e-commerce website that inspires and motivates athletes to reach their individual goals with their premium products.

02 Brand

At the beginning of the project, we were given a logo that needed to be transformed into a premium crossfit shopping experience. In the initiation phase we quickly gained valuable insights and aligned all stakeholders involved through rapid prototyping and user-testing. Confidently, we produced a responsive online identity and visual design that resonate with the core values of Capital Sports and the taste of their athletes.

03 Home

We designed a clean and modern online shop with a focus on findability and discoverability of the brand’s product assortment through a simple navigation structure and bold imagery.

04 Plp

The same principles of findability and bold imagery also applies to the catalog page, where a focus on the product images allows for a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience.

05 Pdp

The Product Detail Pages are built using a very straightforward structure that helps the user achieving his needs with no struggle. The page works as smoothly on desktop as on mobile.Thanks to this care for usability and the user experience, within a short period of time Capital Sports established itself as one of the leading online crossFit shops in Germany.