A creative agency for the millennial age.

Hy, we’re hy.am studios – a team of strategists, designers, storytellers, and developers. We build products and services that connect brands with their audience and drive their business. A lot of what we do is in fashion, media, technology, and the arts.

We have one thing in common: We love what we do. Our common passion for design and technology combined with the relentless ambition to break new ground is what makes us build products that people love.


Our Philosophy

Move fast. Embrace change.

From rapid prototyping to ongoing usability testing, our iterative design and development process allows us to continuously improve your product. We move quickly and always keep adjusting to new ideas and learnings.

Move fast. Embrace change.

We’re partners.

We believe that creating something great requires a highly collaborative process. By teaming up from the very first minute, our clients play an active part in the entire product development cycle. Together, we turn your brand’s true potential into experiences that your audience will love.

We’re partners.

Get shit done.

Our results-driven approach guides every aspect of our work. We’re productive and focus on the output rather than the process. At any point in time, we’re working on the most valuable thing. We get shit done.

Get shit done.
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What we do...


Everything we do is based on a deep and thorough understanding of the user and their motivations. We meet with teams to process existing research and materials. Through both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, we discover insights that determine our strategic and creative direction.

data analytics

We support our clients in understanding their customers through digital analytics and business intelligence. Our in-depth analysis of customer behavior and business performance allows companies to reach users more effectively and make better decisions.


We build brand experiences that stick out from the crowd. Combining brand strategy with digital strategy, data, and user research allows us to find a brand’s true potential. We turn this potential into experiences that the audience will love.


We help brands and startups navigate the digital world and develop the right strategy to bring their products and services successfully to market. Through extensive research, we gain an understanding of user needs and are able to identify new business opportunities. We encourage companies to embrace innovation and new technologies to create products that truly delight their audience.

ui/ux design

We always start from a user perspective to understand their emotional and functional needs. We create purposeful and engaging designs that delight and bring measurable value to users and businesses. Our interactive applications, interfaces, and sites connect brands with their audience in meaningful ways.

art direction

We come up with an inspiring idea to bring the brand and business strategy to life. It guides the brand’s visual and verbal expression and experience for all audiences across every touchpoint. Based on the needs of all stakeholders, we create a powerful and captivating experience.


Our extensive history working with the biggest e-commerce players in Europe allows us to build shopping experiences that are above and beyond industry standards in both user experience and conversion.


We turn ideas and designs into functional and scalable products and services. From native mobile apps for iOS and Android to responsive websites, our multidisciplinary team will provide strategy, product management, development, and quality assurance to deliver a superior user experience for our clients. Based on user feedback and new insights, we continuously improve the product.


We help brands create content and conversations that matter to users most. Through the use of social media, we empower our clients to reach people and create meaningful communities.


We breathe life into brands through words and images. We develop cohesive, on-brand content that lets companies reach and engage with their audiences. From copywriting to tag-lines, from social media posts to thought leadership, our communication expresses a brand’s personality at all touchpoints. Our refined eye for visual design, photography, videography, and animation enables us to tell convincing brand stories.


We drive sales by successfully navigating brands across multiple platforms and channels, creating effective campaigns that connect and engage with their audience. Through data analytics, we continuously improve our clients’ ROI.

...and how we do it


Everything we do is based on a deep understanding of the user and their motivations. Through extensive research, we discover insights that determine our strategic and creative direction.

Our clients play a crucial role in our collaborative process in order to build the right thing. Our iterative design and development process enables us to continuously learn, and improve the final product.

Our Clients

Alina Abegg
Camden Market
Hubert Burda Media
Pro Sieben
Rocket Internet

The team is extremely competent, professional and experienced. We were very satisfied with the result. It was a pleasure to work with hy.am!

Constanze Hallensleben