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Our work as a social media agency in Berlin - social ideas are ideas powered by people

We believe that social media has fundamentally changed the way brands communicate with their customers. As a Social Media Agency in Berlin, we’re truly convinced that social ideas are ideas powered by people. It’s the ideas who build interpersonal relationships and communities, who bring people together, spark conversation and drive action. The best ideas are even able to change our behaviours and impact culture.

Understanding how our social ideas work and how they can generate measureable business results is core to a Social Media Agency. By effectively measuring the social value exchange of our ideas, we ensure they always have the greatest impact.

As a leading Social Media Agency in Berlin, we have helped numerous brands tap into the power of social media to increase brand awareness, build and nurture communities and earn the support of loyal brand ambassadors.

Using thorough research methods, we try to understand where you have opportunities for improvement and how you can stack up to your competitors and other leaders in your industry. Then, our Social Media Agency team will partner with you to create a fully custom social media plan that delivers measurable results for your business.

Our services as a Social Media Agency include:

Social Media Strategy Development

We create tailor-made campaign strategies that will grow your business. User-centricity is at the heart of any social media strategy and hence we use a data-driven approach to understand your audience when we tailor-make your campaign.

Social Media Consulting

We work with both brands that choose to have us execute their strategy and those that choose to execute a social media strategy with an in-house team, then our social media agency acts in a consulting role to ensure that your team can make the most of its potential.

Community Management

Your community is the heart of your social media campaign. Our social media agency team is passionate about engaging your audience, moderating communities and planning and creating content.

Social Content Creation

Our social media agency has dedicated creative and editorial teams. Our text, videos and images are designed to drive engagement with your brand. Our goal is to create content that stimulates and engages your audiences, turning viewers into loyal customers.

Social Advertising

Our team has significant experience in managing advertising campaigns on social media platforms. With our results-and data-driven approach, our social media agency team is committed to ensuring your positive return on investment.

Influencer Engagement

Using influencers and micro-influencers can have a dramatic impact on boosting engagement with your brand. As an influencer marketing agency, we have a broad influencer network which we can leverage to help build a happy community of users.

Analytics & Monitoring

We are a data-driven social media agency. As such, we believe in leveraging all possible big data insights in order to make evidence-based decisions. Through data-based campaign monitoring, we ensure that your campaign delivers on key performance indicators.