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Web Design Agency Berlin & E-Commerce Agency Berlin


Helping you delight your customers with state-of-the-art online shops – our work as a an e-commerce agency in Berlin

Since the dawn of the internet, e-commerce has experienced exponential growth and, spurred by technological innovations, will continue to do so in the future. This puts businesses that want to be successful e-commerce players under increasing pressure to stay on top of the latest trends. Working with a savvy e-commerce agency allows businesses to develop online presences that improve their core KPIs and provide users with delightful shopping experiences.

As a leading e-commerce agency in Berlin, we have a wealth of experience in building highly successful e-commerce shops on desktop and mobile platforms. As our portfolio reveals, we have worked with large corporations, up-and-coming start-ups and medium-sized enterprises to develop award-winning e-commerce shops.

We pride ourselves with being trendsetters in our e-commerce agency work. From mobile commerce via real-time engagement to individualised user journeys–we do not follow e-commerce trends, we create them.

Our e-commerce agency services include:


The most important element of an e-commerce presence is user-centricity. As an e-commerce agency, we dive deep into your target audience to research buying behaviours and what your audience values in online shops. This data-based knowledge enables us to design online presences that resonate with your target audience and make your business grow.

User Experience Design

User experience design, together with user interface design and development, is the heart and soul of the work of an e-commerce agency. Drawing on our previous research, we create user experience concepts that make your platform intuitive to use and allow you to gain and retain customers.

User Interface Design

Our user interface design skills are what we think sets us apart from other e-commerce agencies. We create jaw-dropping presences that are tailor-made for your target audience and the devices they use, be it desktop or mobile.


Our development team implements our designs into scalable online presences. From native mobile apps for iOS and Android to responsive websites, our e-commerce agency development team works with all major platforms. Our dedication to quality assurance and user feedback ensures continuous improvements to the product.

Performance Marketing

Nothing is more important to us than your return on investment and your delivery on KPIs. To ensure that your online shop delivers the pre-defined metrics, our e-commerce agency team runs effective performance marketing campaigns. Through data-driven paid advertising campaigns and organic optimisation methods, we ensure that your objectives are always met.